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Come learn to fly with us! Utah and Southern Utah in particular have some of the most beautiful terrain in the world and there’s no better way to explore it than by Paramotor, we’re here to help you attain the skills and equipment to do what you’ve always dreamed of!

Dreams into Reality

Ever Dream of Flying?

Southern Utah Paramotor is here to make that lifelong dream a reality! Paramotoring gives us the most visceral way to fly at a fraction of the cost of flying an airplane. We fly a few feet off the river bottom dragging our toes in the water or up to 18,000 feet in the sky where you can see for 50 miles.

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I trained with Brad and vonya in May of 2022 and it was the best decision I ever made. Working with Brad and vonya was a great experience and I enjoyed it so much I have been back twice so far. Utah is amazing. If you're thinking about training definitely call southern Utah paramotor and just ask some questions. Very knowledgeable

Jason Renaud

I am the owner of Iris Paramotor and I've been working with Brad professionally for several years.  He's a top notch instructor and has a deeper understanding than many in our sport. He has experience with most wings, frames and engines which makes him an irreplaceable asset to your training because his suggestions are based in experience.  He is an exceptional pilot and an excellent ambassador for our sport.

Dmitri Zyuzin

I’ve worked with Brad a few times for equipment and advanced training. He’s a great person, knowledgeable, does what he says he’ll do, and always followed up to make sure I was taken care of. He’s one of the good ones!

Bryan Pearson

Brad is the man.  He knows his stuff, Sells quality gear and is overall a great respectable guy.  Doing business with Southern Utah Paramotor is a breeze.

Adam Chappell

Went to one of Brads fly-ins and had the greatest time. He knows a lot about pretty much anything and very helpful with any questions I had. Great guy👌🏽🙂

Russ Polishchuk
Dudek DriftAir Advanced Paramotor Wing Dudek DriftAir Advanced Paramotor Wing Dudek DriftAir Advanced Paramotor Wing Dudek DriftAir Advanced Paramotor Wing

Paramotor Gear

We Also Sell Top Paramotor Gear

If you're ready to up your paramotor game, choose Southern Utah Paramotor to get you setup with the best gear possible.

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Experience Matters


Since first putting a paramotor on his back, Brad has hardly taken it off. To date he has logged over 1000 hours in the air and has trained 100+ students.

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