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Use Have you ever dreamed of flying but never found the financial means or time? Southern Utah Paramotor is here to make that lifelong dream a reality!

Paramotor gives us the most visceral way to fly at a fraction of the cost of flying an airplane. It’s also the most exciting way to fly, we can fly a few feet off the river bottom dragging our toes in the water or up to 18,000 feet in the sky where you can see for 50 miles.

Utah and Southern Utah in particular have some of the most beautiful terrain in the world and there’s no better way to explore it than by Paramotor, we’re here to help you attain the skills and equipment to do what you’ve always dreamed of!

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I have been flying for a year now and fly with Brad all the time. He helped me get in the air the first time safely I would reccomend anyone who wants to fly to get training here.

Josh C.

They got me flying, SAFELY! Incredibly helpful, knowledgeable, and honest. Best people in the business to talk to, get advice from, and get you up in the air! Everything with Brad has been rock solid. Always helped me out on gear and gave me the confidence to run into the sky and leave all my worries on the ground. Only people in the business in Southern Utah that I’d trust or buy gear from!!

Chase A.

After a failed attempt with another paramotoring school. I got in touch with Brad and he cared more about me learning and feeling comfortable getting in the air; compared to another paramotoring school, who’s only goal was to take your money. Brad is patient, kind and reasonable. If you want to learn to fly, I recommend Southern Utah Paramotor.

Meg I.
Dudek DriftAir Advanced Paramotor Wing Dudek DriftAir Advanced Paramotor Wing Dudek DriftAir Advanced Paramotor Wing Dudek DriftAir Advanced Paramotor Wing

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