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Have you ever dreamed of flying but never found the financial means or time? Southern Utah Paramotor is here to make that lifelong dream a reality! Contact us today to get started.


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There is no licensing or certification required to fly a Paramotor. Proper training and quality equipment is definitely important to keep things as safe as possible. I am a Certified Flight Instructor with a tandem exemption through the ASC. We’re also licensed and insured to operate here in St. George, Utah and train according to the USPPA Syllabus.

Training time is very dependent on the students ability and the effort they’re willing to put in. I’ve had students learn fast and fly within 3 days and I’ve had students that trained on weekends and took a few months. Most students are able to successfully finish training in 4-7 days.

No! We have equipment options for wheeled paramotors(trike) as well. This allows almost anyone to fly and also allows for tandem flying down the road.

The best part about Paramotoring is that its basically unregulated! We have a few basic airspace rules but aside from those we can explore wherever we want.